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About Me
Anuja Rangnekar

Photographer, Graphic Designer And Visual Artist.

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#pattern #geometric #street #bw #bnw #learnminimalism #minimal #anujarphotography (at Nantes, France)
#Repost @artandfound
Life measures the weaves of nature through time
give me 
the strength 
to sail
the storms 
my faith
Art of Nature~
#textures #minimalzine #bw #photography #anujarphotography
We grow beyond our fears~

#minimalism #learnminimalism #minimalexperience #minimaldotcom #minimalmood #minimalist #minimalism_world #mindtheminimal #minimalzine #noicemag #somberscapes #m3xtures #maharashtra_ig #seascape #lines #minimal #eveninglight #sagarupvan #colaba #mumbai #maharashtra #anujarphotography
Lines grow deeper than we see,
they absorb space
of success

of faith

to the 
of hope

of life 

lines weave life
Get lost and find yourself~
#abstract #photography #bw #bnw_captures #m3xtures #minimalism #learnminimalism #minimaldotcom #minimalexperience #minimalmood #mindtheminimal #ig_minimalshots #instamood #bnw_life #natureshots #seascape #anujarphotography #oneliner #linesbyanujar #notjustlinesbyanujar


Anuja Rangnekar

Photographer, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist

Photography for Anuja is not just an art, it is a perspective of looking around, being involved and cherishing and preserving moments and memories. Photography is a way of life. The passion for travel helps her to explore various genres of photography, while focusing on details and bringing creative instincts to practice. Her work includes but is not limited to Corporate photography, Architecture & Interior, Product & Lifestyle, Weddings and events.

Post her graduate studies in BFA Applied Arts, Mumbai, Anuja worked with Sudarshan Dheer, Art Director & Founder, Graphic Communication Concepts, under whose expertise and guidance, she developed an eye for detail and a distinct aesthetic sense with a focus on communication.

Branding, collateral design and customized artworks outlines a major part of her work as a designer. She co-founded ALL ABOUT MOMENTS to take her passion of documenting moments a step closer to people’s lives through weddings events and so on.

Her personal work revolves around a process of her vision, observation, perception, experience and exploration of new ideas and media. She loves to document her thoughts and express them through photographs, drawings and writings.

Features & Publications

Work featured in 1000 Dog Portraits

By Robynne RayeModern Dog Design Co., Seattle

1000 Dog Portraits | Spring 2014, Rockport Publishers. A book of illustrated dogs from the people that love them. 1000 Dog Portraits is a compilation of quirky, fun, fanatical illustrations, paintings, collages and drawings from designers and artists around the globe. From hounds to herding dogs, and mutts to terriers, there is a diverse range of artistic renditions from naïve and abstract to traditional portraiture. Artist and designer Robynne Raye curates this collection that is a study guide on style for the budding artist as well as a book of inspiration to the practicing professional.

Anuja Rangnekar

Photographer & Graphic Designer

I am an artist based in Mumbai, India with a passion for photography and travel. Photography is not just an art; for me it is a way of life, connecting me to the surroundings and the environment. It is a medium to seek and cherish awe in simple things and moments; to explore and appreciate the beauty around and experience and share a relation with people, animals and nature.

F5 2017

F5 2017 ushers in a fresh wave of creativity, inspiration and collaboration. Mentored by Gangadharan Menon, Suresh Eriyat, Prashant Godbole, Prakash Newaskar, Rafique Sayed. Curated by Omkar Mahashabde. Facilitated by Sachin Puthran Creative Campaign : Shridhar Jagannathan Venue – THATZ IT PVT. LTD.

Indian Wedding

Photographers Pick Their Favourite Bride Portraits From 2016

In this article, we look at prized portraits of brides by wedding photographers’ in India (in no particular order) who are the bee’s knees in this genre.

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Life & Lines, A Photo Series By Anuja Rangnekar

Focuses On Everyday Things That We Take For Granted

In this article, we catch up with Rangnekar who tells us more about the birth of the idea, self-funding the body of work, the challenges she faced, and more.

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